This video is about 6 minutes and change of solid entertainment. On one hand, you have some old school Veterans, and on the other grown men chasing Pokemon. The Vets didn’t take to kindly to the gamers setting up shop at a war memorial.  – Whiskey Riff

One Redditer even goes as far as to call the Pokemon player a “piece of shit”.


I’ve never posted before but I live in this town and I know the guy filming. He’s a piece of shit tool and I wish he’d got his ass beat. The group who plays at the park has really been trying hard to show the community we don’t mean any harm and not only does this asshole represent us like this, he shits up our town’s Pokemon Go facebook group by saying stuff like people with concealed carry permits should take guns to the park in case this vet comes back. He and his brother in the video have been banned before and somehow they’re back, and they do nothing but name call and disrespect everyone. I don’t agree with what the veterans did at all but these guys are just smug garbage.

EDIT: Since this got bigger than I anticipated, it was suggested to me to share two links here. This is an alternate view of the events from someone else who was there (and much calmer) courtesy of r/publicfreakout. This is a petition to prevent the banning of recreational activities at the park and the information on what would specifically be included in the city ordinance to be discussed at Monday’s city council meeting.


H/t Whiskey Riff

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