Have you ever looked at a lion and wondered whether you could take him down with your bare hands? No armor or weapons, just straight primal.

Let us leave our morals at the door for a minute and imagine ourselves in the wild, face to face with a lion, in a fight for survival. Will you win?

Most people believe that a man can’t beat a lion in a fight with his bare hands.  If you think that only Samson of the Bible had the power to kill a lion, you are utterly wrong. Brave and strong men kill lions with their bare hands.  Get me right, I am not here to narrate mythical stories. I know of two real men who have challenged lions and ended up winning.

Last year, a man NAMED Samson Mutombeni defeated a lion with his bare hands. He met the predator near Save Valley Conservative in Zimbabwe.  The animal emerged from the bush, attacked him and brought him down. In an effort to save his life, he grabbed the lion by the throat and managed to pin it down. After fighting with the animal for almost half an hour, the animal got scared and run away. The following day, the police confirmed the incident and said that they were hunting for the dangerous animal.

In 2009, Moses Lekalau killed a lion with his bare hands in Kenya. The 35-year-old herdsman was walking some 250 kilometers north of Capital Nairobi when he was attacked by a lion. He fought with the animal for almost one hour. After the struggle, the animal did not live to see another day. After killing the attacking lion, he was mauled by hyenas and died. However, he did kill the lion.

The stories of Mutombeni and Lekalau are evidence that real men can survive in the jungle. A man’s hands are the greatest weapon. You don’t need a gun or any weapon to bruise or kill a predator, man! You only need courage instead of cowardice.

If you ever come face to face with a predator, make up your mind to face and fight it like a man.  After all, you will not be the first one to be attacked by a wild animal. Be courageous and strong. Do not be frightened by big claws and large teeth. If the animal is ready to kill you, be also ready to kill it. Be a “real man”. Real men fight, real men survive.


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