Crossfit or Powerlift: Which Do You Prefer?


One of the biggest in-house battles between the Marines in the office, what kind of workouts are you doing. Crossfitters are functional, Powerlifters are strong, and they always let each other know. The bigger stronger Marines are calling those that do Crossfit they look puny. The Marines that do Crossfit are more well-rounded with muscular endurance. Who is the real winner with this battle, though? Let’s break it down.

What’s Similar?

In all reality, both forms are similar when talking about their disciplines. Powerlifting and Crossfit both have their forms of high-intensity training, while also mostly using free weight to conduct their exercises. Although one uses a WOD, and the other uses the Big 3, they have their common aspects.


Known to produce overall fitness, this has been a widely adopted form of fitness from the military and multiple police forces. Using burpees,weights-646496__180 WOD’s, cleans, and other exercises, studies show and overall improvement in fitness. Increasing strength, power, endurance, and cardio vascularity what’s not to love. Well, some want size and strength over functionality.




Known throughout competitive lifting, this is where the real muscle heads come in. Using the weights-79587__180squat, bench press, and deadlift this allows for huge gains in muscular strength. For those that want to gain muscle fast and put on the size, this is the way to go. The downside, muscular endurance lacks in this form. For some, who cares, I just want to get big and strong.


Where does this fall in place for you? Anything like out office, it’s a constant battle that will always be interesting to watch. Until it goes to far, and the real deciding factor breaks out. Either one will get squashed, or the other winded, someone has to win, right?


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