As you walk forward, you can feel nothing other than a burning sensation in your legs. No longer able to walk, you collapse. You’ve taken shrapnel to your legs, arms, and face. Yet, you don’t seem to care. You continue trying to get to your friend. who was standing in front of you when the explosion went off. You’re still unaware of what just happened. Trying to piece everything together on the fly.

Slowly, your hearing starts fading in. Men shouting in the distance is all you can hear. Soon, you begin to realize, two assailants, 60-80 meters away, have the detonator to the IED that just went off. None of that matters because you’re still trying to figure out what happened to your friend. Among the casualties, the corpsman shakes his head at you confirming your worst nightmare. He’s gone, and he won’t be returning to fight another day.

As you’re carried away, you realize the fight is over for you. The after effects of your service to this great nation is the loss of one leg and severe damage to the other.  You’ve also taken shrapnel throughout your body and you can’t stop reliving that nightmare over and over in your head. This is the burden of being an Infantryman.

Meanwhile, while you recover, you wonder why America can’t get their shit together. Worrying about #BLM, Pokemon GO, and other useless topics. All of this while veterans feel forgotten. You had the heart to stand up for something you believe in. You stood up and stated ‘Terrorism ends HERE’. It ends with ME! No one can ever take that from you.  When someone tries to put you down, MTFU and carry on!


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