Today you will tell me that you are perfectly aligned; and you will never argue. But excuse me, no matter how much you love each other, you are nonetheless guaranteed to fight.  Get me right, an argument doesn’t necessarily involve throwing shit at each other, or big fuck-up (sleeping with your friend’s girlfriend and the like)

Rather, this is about the day-to-day things that happen in relationship— you failed to take her call, you stared at a women’s butt, you bought something stupid, you didn’t remember the date of her birthday.

Even in the most perfect situation, in which she has already shown you all her shit, you will still fight at some point. Therefore, let’s start with the basics that prevent break ups.

Never text

You said you are not living together, and it seems “better” to do it over text. Caution! You could copy and paste a hilarious GIF mid-conversation. Wait, what about an accidental autocorrect that may be innocent? She is already upset, and accidently you have just sent her shit. Even if that is not what you meant, you are done, buddy. She will not forgive you.

Do wait until she visit her family or friends

You have just argued and she has opened the door, ready to leave. Do not let her go until you either aapologiseor make peace. Do you know where she will go? She is heading to her advisors— friends and family. Most likely, those people don’t like you. She will be told: “From the start, I knew that guy is not cool.” She will then be advised either to leave you or to try something nasty. Do not wait for that, man.

Do not talk about it in public.

Never talk about your little arguments in front of her family or in the general public. You will only embarrass yourself, and this might worsen even the smallest problem into something catastrophic. The best place is your mutual territory, and not the bedroom Sit in the living room. Don’t stare out the window or play with anything. She really needs your attention.

Put your shits away

It is time to put you phone, laptop, pens and anything you are holding away. Turn off the Radio. You need her, right? Maintain eye contact. Am not saying you get yourself in a staring contest, just look away for some time and then keep looking at her. The quicker she understands you are paying attention, the better.

Guard you tongue

The tongue is the greatest weapon that can build or destroy. Don’t say you don’t love if you don’t mean it. Just be wise. Avoid potentially stupid things that might hurt and eat away your relationship. For instance, never curse or bring up her family in an argument. Never say, “This is a weakness in your family.” That is like shitting yourself while giving a presidential speech.

Never Shout. Who told you shouting is a way of communication. It’s abuse. Dude, shouting will not solve anything. Even if she cheated, just talk like a gentleman.



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