6 Man Cave Themes “The Real Mans Sanctuary”


The thing that every man wants, and most try their best to meet. The badass man cave that all of their friends envy. The place to chill, relax, make their own, and get away from the women. There are many types, modern, wood working, bar theme, sports, military, the list goes on. So many men try so hard to get the perfect man cave, and fail miserably to get it just right. Let’s see if this helps, no more messing around. Lets get to the man caves.

6. Bar

Every young newlyweds dream is to have a bar man cave. I’ve had a few myself, only to pack it up and call it quits when the kids were old enough to ask questions. One of the easier designs to work with, your favorite brews fills the walls. Throw in a bar, mini fridge, and few led signs and you’re in there like swimwear.

5. Work Shop

Whether your handy with some tools, or at least think you are, the workshop man cave is yours. Mostly filled with handcrafted benches and tables, your craftsmen ship is yours to flaunt. The only downside is the sawdust covering your couches and drinks, but who cares, you’re a real man right?

4. Sports

Some of the most enjoyable man caves are those of the sports enthusiast. Mostly filled with buddies on the weekends, yours is the place we go when the game comes on. With the best brews and all the signatures collections, you are always proud of your cave. That is until your team is dead last in the league, and you want to burn it to the ground.

3. Military

My favorite, the military theme. All of your plaques and personal collections throughout your career are perfectly placed for all to see. You should be proud, you earned what you have out in the open. Only two percent of the population can say they have that, at least the legit ones. This is the place we go when its time to relax with a few beers and hear some amazing tales from the war.

2. Garage

This man cave is the most known, since most men get limited to the garage from their wife. It’s fine, we are used to dealing with less. The garage normally turns into a mixture of all the themes thrown together. Like mine, tools are in the corner, bar is hand built and the sports pictures are on the wall. Don’t forget about the military plaques hanging behind you, the garage man caves have the best of all worlds, except when things start to get cluttered. Or when your wife wants you to move some stuff around so she can pull her car in the garage when its raining!!!

1. Modern 

Ah, the advanced man cave. Usually the most expensive, and having all the best gadgets. Some of the more modern man caves have it all. The high fiber counted couches, and biggest flat screen TV’s, and how about the cool touch screen remote that controls everything from your hand. Well, at least the celebs can enjoy these.


It all comes down to one thing, the man cave is yours. You make it what you want, and as long as it makes you happy and spend some time with the boys, its all worth it. Even if you have to move your curb alert couch when its raining!!!