Infidelity on anyone’s part irrespective of one’s gender should be condemned and discouraged. Men and women are equally susceptible to cheating when certain things don’t go their way. Basically, if you can cheat on your partner, come back home, look at him/her in the eye and tell them that you love them; make no mistake, you are the lowest kind of person on the pyramid. However, that still begs the question— why do men and women cheat?

Why does a man cheat on his partner?


Well, it could be down to numerous reasons. Generally, when a man is romantically tangled in a turbulent relationship, he could seek for a confidante somewhere else. After all, there are only so many unsolved fights a man can handle.

The routine of a married life can be monotonous if both the partners don’t make an effort to spice things up in the bedroom. When it is tedious in the sack, many men tend to look elsewhere to experience a fresh appealing sexual spark.

Although there are many men who are loyal beyond belief, there are men who love to experiment sexually too. One of the main reasons men indulge in affairs is to feel more powerful and adept than the other fishes in the sea; their libido needs a boost every once in a while.

Like women, men need emotional and moral support as well. There’s only so much a man can take and if he is emotionally dissatisfied with his partner for showing him a lack of appreciation, the attachment with his partner decreases substantially enabling him to have an affair without thinking twice.

Sometimes, there’s a psychological angle to it as well. Not all men have rosy upbringings. Growing up, many bear witness to their parents changing partners on a regular basis. In turn, they grow up thinking that it isn’t morally wrong to cheat on someone. Hence, they figure that it is acceptable to change partners regularly and cheat on them.

Of course, there’s also a hint of vengeance involved when men cheat just to get back on their cheating wives and girlfriends.

What about women, why do they cheat?

The age-old maxim, “Men are dogs”, is pretty mainstream and has maintained popularity throughout the ages. But, that doesn’t mean that women cannot be susceptible to cheating ways. After all, aren’t they reproduced through the sperm of a dog if we are to glorify the aforementioned popular phrase? Women in the contemporary world are a lot more assertive than their ancestors. The women of today are more receptive to infidelity than the ladies of yesteryears. Like men, women also hold affairs when there is a lack of intimacy in their relationships. Women crave for intimacy, physical touch, mental and emotional attention, and if they aren’t getting any from their men, they look elsewhere.

A lack of appreciation is also known to play an atrocious role in getting a woman to take the cheating route. The worst feeling a woman can experience is the feeling of being cheated on. So, in order to plant a similar depressing emotional state on their male counterparts, they resort to cheating; we call it revenge sex.

Also, if a woman gets bad sex on a regular basis, she might seek for a real man to achieve real orgasms; the popular adage, “Once bitten, twice shy” rings quite true in this situation.

Women feel euphoric when they get plenty of male attention after a weight loss or a boob job. The increased attention can lure a woman to give in to her temptations too.

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