Do you have a burden around your belly? Do not mind, you are not alone, 54 percent of U.S adult have abdominal obesity, according to a recent report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  If you really want a six pack, avoid consuming these five foods:

  1. Refined grains

Refined grain is an ingredient found in foods like white bread, white rice, and regular white pasta. Why do you go buying these foods? The unrefined stuff (brown rice, quinoa and whole white) is healthier.  The parocess of refining the grains strips out nutrients and healthy fiber that have been shown to reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, certain cancers and more. According to Scientific America, refined grains cause blood glucose to increase, in turn, can speed production of fat. Therefore, if you continue eating those foods, do no go telling people you want a six pack; you will never have it.

  1. Potato products

Potatoes products such are potato chips are associated with the greatest weight gain. A Harvard study made big headlines this year when  the scientists discovered that potatoes-in any form- are linked to weight gain. Hmmm, not good news. Eat them only when you want to carry a spare tire around your tummy.

  1. Red and processed meat

This sounds awkward especially for guys that love red meat. Studies have found that people who eat more red meat gain more weight. So, next time you stand near butchery, think about your future goal of having a six pack.  Stop frustrating your goals, man.

  1. Frosting

Those cupcakes your wife makes for special occasions?  Don’t consume them.  The frosting is full of fat and calories.  The frosting has zero grams of proteins and zero calories. Although dietary fiber and iron might be present, the amounts are negligible. While the FDA has declared war on trans fat, frosting contains a lot of this stuff. How bad are trans fats? Consuming frosting can lead to heart diseases, liver dysfunction, diabetes and weight gain.

  1. Diet soda

Don’t be fooled by the zero-calorie label, soda made with sugar substitutes have a role in weight gain. In a study of 3,682 people from San Antonio, Texas, diet soda consumption was associated with double the risk of becoming obese or overweight. Therefore, if you are really serious about a six pack, just delete diet soda from your must-buy list.






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