Piling on holiday weight seems to be the norm, but it can be easily avoided. The extra pounds can play an atrocious role in stalling your progress in the gym. All those hours spent sweating bullets in the gym can become fruitless when we decide to let go of ourselves on getaways. Fortunately, there are proven ways to remain in fine fettle during the holidays. Keeping your weight in check during the festive period of letting go isn’t an insurmountable task.

2Eating healthy


Forgive us for stating the obvious, but healthy diets often tend to be overlooked. It is easy to get into a festive mood and be tempted into trying the local fattening delicacies. In doing so, you might feel good for a short while but you will inevitably feel guilty for sabotaging your healthy diet. By caving into the temptations of the succulent dishes around, the effort you’ve been putting in the gym will be fruitless. However, if you must try the body upsetting dishes, you need to first fill your tummy half-way through by eating green. That will help you eat in moderation.