Transitioning from a married man to a divorcee isn’t as easy as whistling dixie; it can be quite the ordeal. A lot of changes take place and accepting and adapting to those changes isn’t all attractive. When there is a child in the mix, things can get ugly in the courtroom. Both the parties fight tooth and nail to keep custody of their child. However, a divorce shouldn’t be the end of the road. Have a read below to soften the painful blow of separation. These pieces of advice will benefit you!

2Reconnecting with old friends

Many of us often tend to drift away from past buddies when we tie nuptials. Most of the time, relationships tend to take most of our time, and it leads us to neglect our old friends. But, now that you are divorced and are no longer obliged to spend time planning on those implied dates, it would serve you better to let your hair loose by reconnecting with old friends who weren’t always necessarily in the good books of your ex-wife.