With modern society changing at a rapid rate, tattoo’s have become more of the “norm.” Jobs are allowing employees to wear full sleeves with certain state occupations, or even allowing tattoos to show. This has allowed men to show their mentality and thoughts on their personal canvas. The hard part for most men is what to get to show everybody who they really are. With that, here is a list of some of the top tattoos for men…


Themed tattoos have become a huge hit in the tattoo industry.

Military ThemeBrave-Soldier-Tattoo-MilitaryWith 658f5ce086d5b99bccb8edf75535a05aa themed tattoo, amazing pieces of art are being showcased in plain site. Some of the best pieces are those that are military themed, American pride, and ones with meanings like wisdom and strength.


8dbc5d420414a195389566e131b1a7e7-683x1024ecccfcd48d4df3aa8506f3dd510931c1Some of the best tattoos are those in the form of a quarter, half, and even full sleeves. Unfortunately, in this department, some of the military branches have begun the banning these types of tattoos. These are also the hardest hide when certain occupations don’t approve of tattoos. On the other side of the spectrum, these can some of the most “badass” when it comes to this type of art.


369bc83bd6e0b9886e989e6cfe8788fe A-girl-with-Gun-Tattoo-for-men-arm-tattoo-ideas-for-menAlthough one of the biggest bad luck charms when it comes to tattoos, some of the greatest tattoos are those of women. Some have tattoo some of their favorite celebs, while others have their spouses  put on there (Sometimes in some of their favorite outfits). With this being said, I’d hate to be the one with a giant face of my ex-wife walking around on the beach!

Just “Badass”

3a330da9d494b68b80bd6260c29e9240 b0fe88939dcdbb6e9da8144a74849683 c92bd8ff581344468c8ded8d4c0b246dThen you have the tattoos that are just “Bad to the Ass”. These are hard to come by since all of the stars have to align. You have to have a well thought out plan, with an awesome artist to do the work. These are also the most expensive since these artists are just plain good. When this chance occurs, don’t mess it up, it could result in an epic tattoo for all to admire.


When it comes down to it, tattoos are just plain awesome. Once you get one, your never done. With the way society is viewing tattoos now, more and more people have begun to increase the amount of tattoos they get, and it’s great. With glow in the dark, infrared, and black light only, tattoo are unique in every single way. With the exception of all of course of all of the Eagle, Globe, and Anchors and Grunt Life tattoos. ( I have both myself)

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