Dogs have been man’s best friend for the last 30,000 years and have continued to grow into that role. They have become better and better at serving us and bringing a kind of loyalty and happiness that we cannot find anywhere else. Here’s the thing guys, we haven’t returned the favor. Dogs have evolved to be the best friend a guy could ask for but we haven’t evolved with them. Most guys teach their dogs how to sit, wait, maybe even play dead but we can do so much more. There is one important requirement to really maximize your potential here. Get a man’s dog.

*Let’s call him Butch or Diesel

Grab a Beer

This is a pretty basic trick that is just a glorified “fetch” command; a simple process that any manly dog can do. Just say “Beer!” or “Get me a beer!” and watch this happen.


Now we can all agree that football games have too many commercials but that doesn’t mean we can’t save our legs and let Butch grab that beer for us.


1Tell us when our steaks are ready

This trick is a step up from the last one. Dogs will drink beer but they haven’t figured out how to open one. They do know how to eat steak though and they love it. Butch is going to need great self-control to pull this one off but the reward is definitely worth the time to teach him. After you teach him to control himself around your dinner you can have him bark if your steak is on the grill too long. This way you can sit back and enjoy that beer Butch got you and he’ll let you know when to flip the steaks for that perfect medium rare porterhouse.

This guy doesn’t even need you to flip the steak