Aleksandr Prochorenko: A Russian Soldier that will never be forgotten


I have never met Aleksandr Prochorenko.   I have never bothered to know his background, hopes, and dreams. However, I do know that he will never be forgotten, and he sacrificed his life on a righteous altar.

The history of conflict and war is full of examples of people’s courage and heroism that serve to remind the world all the sacrifices that people make before a conflict end. The very nature of war reveals to us the very worst and very best of humanity.

Heroes are men who can fight until their ammunition are expended. And when they hands are broken, they use their feet. If both their feet and hands are broken, they fight with their teeth. If their body is breathless, they fight with spirit. For them, lack of weapons is not an excuse for defeat.

When it comes  to the Syrian conflict, Aleksandr Prochorenko will always  symbolize the courage  and heroism of people who  stand in defiance of the most inhuman and barbaric ideology, embraced by individuals who are ready to slaughter and murder every living creature they find  in their path in service to totalitarianism.

The 25-year-old Russian met his death while in a special operation in Palmyra.  Working closely with the Syrian Arab Army, his role was to find and pass on the ISIS targets in the city. Unfortunately, his location was discovered by ISIS terrorists and they started closing in on him. After realizing what was happening, and while avoiding to be captured, the young man called in an airstrike on himself.

It is impossible to talk about Aleksandr and his heroism without experiencing some sense of inadequacy. The manner in which he died is a sharp reminder that Syrian conflict is brutal, fought and won by men determined to succeed no matter the odds. Despite the hardship and horror, military men in Syria know they are fighting in the cause of humanity; a cause which Aleksandr shared with every other soldier in Syria– along with many Lebanese, Americans, Syrian, Kurdish, and Iranians soldiers and volunteers. Despite witnessing family members, friends and comrades being butchered and killed, they continue to risk.

The Russian Officer proved that commandos live among us and they are not seen only in Hollywood movies. After commanding his comrades to carry out an airstrike on   his potion, Aleksandr Prochorenko proved that courage is not a poetic fiction.

The world should salute Aleksandr Prochorenko, shouldn’t it?

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