Let’s all take a minute to agree that people are weak in the mind. Great, now that that’s out of the way, we have a commercial here that was banned by Isreal’s television executives after deeming in “Too Hot For TV”. Yes, just like Jerry Springer’s DVD collection found on Amazon. 


Refaeli’s swimsuit line tried to publish the clip of the 30-year0old model wearing their bikini line but television execs had another idea. The Broadcasting Authority for Television and Radio wouldn’t allow the short clip to be published unless several segments were removed prior to it being aired on Isreali television.

According to Daily Mail:

The close-up shots of the model’s bottom in an outdoor shower, and the moment she appears to be putting on her bikini bottoms have made Israeli television authorities reach of the scissors.

The Second Broadcasting Authority for Television and Radio have ordered for several segments to be cut out of the 45-second commercial in order for it to be shown on Israeli television.

Although the company has made several edits and alterations to the clip, it still cannot be shown to the public prior to the 10PM watershed, as agreed upon by the Second Broadcasting Authority for Television.


Bar Refaeli, the model, apparently shot this video while she was already three months pregnant. Even though she looks like she stuffed herself into a bikini bottom two sizes too small, nobody here at The Man Feed seems to be complaining. Are you? With her pregnancy pictures on instagram, we’ll just have to wait for more sexy pictures to come later.

#tb @si_swimsuit 👙

A photo posted by Bar Refaeli (@barrefaeli) on Jun 11, 2016 at 7:04am PDT

While this may not affect us here in the great United States of America, there have been other commercials banned right here in the great states. For example, you may remember this PETA commercial from SuperBowl 2009 where a sexy model dances around blindfolded rubbing vegetables all over her body.

Again in 2015, Carl’s Jr. had their commercial banned from the Superbowl for reasons we can’t even imagine. I personally see nothing wrong with this advertisement and DEMAND someone take action. Ok, not really. I completely understand. However, thank God for Youtube and their ability to savor the moments American big wigs don’t want us to see.


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Keep it up Carl’s Jr. You’re on of the companies still doing it right. Check out their compilation of sexy commercials.

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