1. I’m on my period, so I plan on sucking your dick for four days straight.
  2. Tell me the kinkiest thing you’ve ever thought about, and then do it to me.
  3. I bought a few new pieces of lingerie. Want me to model them for you?
  4. I’m going to bend over and let you do whatever the hell you want to me.
  5. Keep playing that video game. I want to see if you can keep your focus while I suck your cock.
  6. Your come tastes just as delicious as your lips do.
  7. You look extra sexy today. Want to watch me masturbate over you?
  8. Sit back and relax, because I’m going to get on top and stay on top.
  9. I bought you handcuffs, so you can’t do any of the work, even if you wanted to.
  10. I’m wearing that dress you like, so it’ll be easy for you to fuck me in the bar’s bathroom later.
  11. If you suck on my tits now, I’ll suck on your dick later.
  12. Let’s go to the gym together, so you can watch me and my friends do yoga.
  13. I’ve been fantasizing about getting down on my knees for you all day long.
  14. I’m thinking about installing a stripper pole in the bedroom. What do you think?
  15. I can’t tell if your abs or your dick make me hornier.
  16. I’ve been exercising a lot, so now you can bend me into all sorts of new positions.
  17. It’s boiling hot in here. I don’t think clothes are really necessary.
  18. Do you want me to run my tongue over your lips or across your shaft?
  19. Pull my hair and spank my ass until I’m screaming your name.
  20. Put your cock wherever you want. It’s your choice tonight.
  21. The harder you get, the wetter I get.
  22. I don’t need any foreplay. I just need you inside me. Right now.
  23. Let’s tape ourselves having sex, so we can masturbate to it together later.
  24. Tie my arms and legs to the bed. I want you to dominate me.
  25. I’m soaking wet, just from kissing you.
  26. I took a few sexy photos, so you have something to masturbate to when I’m at work.
  27. Do you want me to swallow or would you rather finish on another part of my body?
  28. I downloaded girl-on-girl porn for us to watch together.
  29. Get in the shower, so you can soap up my tits and then fuck me against the wall.
  30. Don’t bother to set your alarm. I’m going to wake you up with oral.
  31. Want me to give you a strip tease or a lap dance? Or both?
  32. Whenever your soccer team scores, I’ll give you another minute of oral.
  33. Let’s skip the cuddling and go straight to sex.
  34. No one has ever made me orgasm as hard as you have.
  35. Let’s see how many times we can have sex before I tire you out.
  36. I’m not wearing any underwear under this little black dress.
  37. I brought home a six-pack for you and a sexy little thong for me.
  38. If you agree to see that new rom-com with me, I’ll fuck you in the back of the theater.
  39. Every time you make me orgasm once, I’m going to make you orgasm twice.
  40. I’m wearing your hockey jersey. With nothing underneath it.
  41. I love the way your lips feel against my thighs.
  42. Do you want to have sex in the backseat of your car or on the hood of it?
  43. Let’s play strip Mario Kart.
  44. Keep the lights on. I want you to see my tits bouncing up and down.
  45. Be rough with me. Blindfold me. Throw me against the wall. I can handle it.
  46. I never knew it was possible to get this wet.
  47. Let’s get drunk and have sex in the riskiest place we can find.
  48. You look even better naked than you do in your suit.
  49. Unzip your jeans. I’m not waiting another second to climb on top of you.
  50. Let’s go watch a baseball game and then fuck underneath the bleachers

H/T – Thought Catalog

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