If you plan on watching a few YouTube videos and running your mouth like Conor McGregor, don’t expect to be able to back it up like him. Unless you invest in some [good] training, you won’t exactly be floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. That said, taking in some pro advice in video format can still help. Here are 8 YouTube accounts that will teach you how to fight.


When we say “Fightland,” we really mean Jack Slack’s videos. While all of Fightland is great, it’s Jack Slack, an English writer and combat sports analyst, and his “Ringcraft” series that dispenses knowledge by the bucketful. Jack Slack, which is the author’s pen name, takes a UFC fight, boxing match, or other event and tears it down into teachable parts. He’s a master at it. How important is your stance when you’re fighting? Allow Jack Slack to show you by highlighting specific clips from Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva, images of old pugilists, and a variety of Tyson moves. Link