Well, to be truthful, I stumbled across this a few days ago on the 5B website but just kept scrolling. After seeing it a few times and realizing that The lad Bible did all the work scrapping the messages into one image. I thought I’d add it to The Man Feed. Read the conversation below and try not to stab someone in the f*cking face when you’re done. This POS is literally thinks he’s doing the right thing. Credit obviously goes to The Lad Bible and 5bravo for this post.

Want to see a clusterfuck of things wrong with a Facebook conversation? Of course you do.
Here we have a post from Imgur user shaveddogsass, who says he got it from Facebook page 5Bravo.
In it, a man looking to enlist in the army needs some advice because he thinks his girlfriend will cheat on him while he’s training and abroad. His girlfriend is currently married to a man in the military serving abroad.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, he then brands all military wives as whores and uses several hate-words towards homosexuals.
Overall, this guy is a complete tosser. Thankfully, the lad he tried to get advice off is having none of it and sorts him out good and proper.
Get this..     -(TheLadBible)

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