If you’ll take a minute to remember a few month back, WEP (Wounded Warrior Project) came under scrutiny for alleged outlandish spending on company retreats.  A short time after that, top officials within the organization were let go and now, being replaced with individuals who plan on changing the way this organizations operates.

I’ve never been a fan of WWP, but that’s not to say that they haven’t made a positive impact in the veteran community. They’ve raised millions and help several veterans get back on top of their lives. Hopefully, this most recent change in upper Management will be the first step in setting this company back in the right direction.

A retired Army major general has been named interim chief operating officer for the Wounded Warrior Project after the veterans organization fired its two top officers following a scandal over the nonprofit’s alleged lavish spending.
Gen. Charlie Fletcher, who served on the WWP’s advisory council, will step in as interim COO on April 11, the group’s charity board of directors said in a statement Monday.

Gen. Fletcher served more that 30 years in military aviation and is a logistics senior mentor at NATO, Stars and Stripes reported.

“His impressive background and experience in both the military and private sector makes him uniquely well positioned to lead our organization while the board continues its comprehensive search for a permanent CEO,” the statement said.

Gen. Fletcher will be based at the WWP’s headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, where he will lead the leadership team and report to the office of the chief executive officer.

The nonprofit came under fire in January when a CBS news investigation revealed the WWP used donations for expensive trips, parties and team building activities for its staff instead of directing it to veterans.

Washington Times

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