Soldiers carry their fatally wounded friend to a helicopter

First off, let me open by saying this particular article is not going to be for the weak of heart and is more than likely going to hit the men and women who have served this great nation right in the feelings.  If you don’t like it, stop reading now. Here’s a little reality check for the people that want to talk down on veterans, or say things like “just because you were in the military, doesn’t mean you are entitled to anything.” Really…?

I’m pretty sure those men and women picked up a rifle and charged into combat. Why, you might ask. Well, everyone has their own personal reasons for joining but at the end of the day, SOMEONE has to protect the rights and liberties of this great nation,  and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be you.

So, while you sip your latte and sit your fat ass at Starbucks, I want you to look at these images. Now, I want you to ask yourself one question, “Am I entitled to say dumb shit like that or stomp on the American flag?” These men died for you, they died for that flag you stand on.  All these images are the real deal, moments after a traumatic experiences. I don’t post these image to bring your down. I post them to make people understand what happens over there, what the news doesn’t show you. You want reality? Here it is.

A Gunny, badly wounded smiles for the camera just to bring the morale of his men up.

It shows what kind of people live in the United States. Awesome men, that would gladly stand up, raise their right hand, and volunteer to do it all over again.

A wounded Marine barely clings to life after an IED strike in Sangin, Afghanistan.
Gunnery Sergeant Ryan Shane shot while trying to rescue wounded Marine and Corpsman in Fallujah, Iraq

Do you still think you have earned the right to stand on the flag? Have you earned the right to disrespect the men and women who gave their lives for the commrades who stand shoulder to shoulder. You can disagree with the Iraq and Afghanistan way all you want but when it comes down to it, will you pick up arms and stand up for you nation when they need you the most?

Imagine saying goodbye to a good friend for the last time after he was just blown through the air right in front of you.

We are the hardest of the hardest, the greatest of the greatest, regardless of race, color, or whatever name your god goes by.

So the next time you see a veteran on the side of the road, homeless, starving, and cold, remember what he went through for you. Buy him a beer, and sandwich, or blanket. What’s a couple bucks in the larger scheme of things? Everyone of these men and women gave a part of them over there. whether its mentally or physically, they gave something.

the next time you see a veteran on the side of the road, homeless, starving, and cold, remember what he went… Click to Tweet

I’m writing this article because veteran suicide is at a all time high. I have personally lost more friends to suicide than I’d like to remember. So next time you see a vet, let them know you care. It could truly change their life!

Please share this article and help spread the word for people that don’t understand what happens when men and women raise their right hand and join the ranks of war torn Americans who dedicate the better part of their lives to protecting the freedoms that make America such an amazing place to live.

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