We are all rabid for a new, sixth-generation Ford Bronco. Rumor has it Ford is planning to build one by 2020. The automaker has been trolling Bronco fans for awhile now with teasers and winking hints. And whether you’re a fan of the upright 1960s original or the early-’90s version of OJ Simpson fame, you’re probably dying to see what a 21st-century Bronco looks like.

Well, we still haven’t gotten a glimpse at what, if anything, Ford is planning for the Bronco nameplate. But that hasn’t stopped the amazingly talented fans over at Bronco6G.com from taking matters into their own hands, rendering multiple versions of a concept 2020 Ford Bronco that absolutely nail what they, and we, want to see in a two-door 4×4.   Road And Track



QuoteOriginally Posted by Simmy on BroncoG6.com
Nice to finally see some real work put into a new Bronco rendering instead of ones that slap a cab over a F150’s bed and calls it a Bronco. I agree with you guys did here and think that a 1st gen inspired front end would look damn good like it does here. Usually not a fan of circular headlight shapes like that but on an off road type of car it looks good and very utilitarian (reminds me of large fog lights).



Check out the rest of the mock-ups over at BroncoG6.com

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