I heard this story the other day that was pretty far fetched and I didn’t really believe it, not saying the guy was a liar but it just seemed too crazy. So I did a little more research into this and found some people who he served with, that was actually there during this whole thing. Now that the story is confirmed I bring you the C Rat Can vs a VC fire team and if you don’t know what a C Rat can is, its just a can with food in it, basically a old MRE. Again I’m going to leave names out of this until he tells me its ok to post stuff with his name and names of members of his squad.CRAT1_large

So November 1967 when Vietnam was in full swing, a squad of soldiers from the 173rd Airborne were pushing around Hill 875 Dak To, Vietnam during the height of the battle for Dak To. A young private and his squad spread out in a old Vietcong trench on the side of the hill and take a little break. The private who is a machine gunner and his friend pushed up about 15 meters ahead of the squad and move into the next trench line. They both sit down and talk about the world they left behind back home. After a couple minutes the private’s friend went back down the hill to grab something from another squad member and at the same time the private left behind pulled out his C Rat can and was just about to open it when he started hearing voices in the dark tunnel next to him.vietnam-soldiers-1

Suddenly 4 Vietcong soldiers rushed him from out of the darkness. In the blink of an eye the private pulled his side arm firing 2 shots into the chest of the first VC soldier. The second soldier wrestled the side arm from the private when he managed to get his hand on the C Rat can next him. Using the C Rat can like a rock he hit the second soldier in the face twice as hard as he could. He spun around hitting the 3rd in the face multiple times and at the same time he got ahold of the 3rd soldier, his friend returned hearing the first 2 shots, firing and killing the 4th VC soldier. When his friend return the young private got back on the 2nd soldier finishing him off with several more blows to the head using the can.e363352f57c8600eb988783029e35229

Now that is a huge ball’ed American war fighter right there. I mean killing a mofo with a can of meat and beans? Damn. Wonder were he gets his pants at to fit balls so big.

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